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Improves grip by reducing sweat and moisture. Highest quality pure rock climbing chalk you will find. Wrapped in a fine cloth ball to avoid accidental spills & help you to apply it with precision where it belongs: on your fingers, not the rock! 

  • Improves friction by reducing sweat and moisture.
  • High purity chalk (MgCo3): free of drying agents & pollutants.
  • Developed by climbers for climbers.
  • Will help you use less chalk compared to chalk powder.
  • Using less chalk powder means a healthier skin for you
  • Using less chalk powder means nicer rocks for everyone.
  • Using less chalk powder means healthier lungs.
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is good for the environment.
  • One tree planted for every product sold.
  • 1% of your purchase goes to protecting our planet.

USE LESS CHALK. Respect the environment & the climbers that come after you: use less chalk & avoid chalk powder. Use chalk cream as a base layer & chalk balls for top-ups instead! And brush the holds after you're done!