Chalk Rebels Offers Skincare & Friction Products for use BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Climbing. Discover how to use them below!

BEFORE: Crystal Chalk

When? Use before climbing. Apply a base layer 15 minutes before your first serious climb.

How does it work? Crystal Chalk works as an anti-perspirant. It prevents sweat from forming.

How to apply? It’s best to apply a generous amount at the beginning of your session. Think of it like “washing” your hands.

Should I re-apply? Yes! You can apply smaller amounts inbetween climbs during your session. Most people find they need to apply 3-5 times in a session.

Can I mix it with regular chalk? Yes. Crystal Chalk is safe to use in combination with regular powder chalk an other liquid chalks.

What makes it different? Unlike regular chalk which works by absorbing the already-formed sweat on your skin crystal chalk works by preventing you from sweating in the first place.

How NOT to use it? Don't treat Crystal Chalk like regular liquid chalk. It is an anti-perspirant meant to be used before your first climb. It takes a wile for the anti-sweat function to kick in, so make sure you apply it early in your session!


DURING: Chalk Cream

When? Use as a base layer all through your climbing session. Do top-ups before individual boulders.

How does it work? Chalk Cream absorbs sweat & moisture from your skin to give you better friction.

Where? Chalk Cream works great for indoor climbing and training sessions. 

Who? Chalk Cream is recommended for all climbers who want good friction without leaving too many traces or creating too much dust.


DURING: Magic Chalk

When? Use as a base layer before your project. You can use it like any other chalk  but because it absorbs 2x more you will need far less of it.

How does it work? Magic Chalk contains Upsalite®, a magic material which absorbs 2x more than regular chalk.

Where? Magic Chalk works great on outdoor rock & for hard projects. It is our formula that leaves the least traces on the rock and creates almost no dust.

Who? Magic Chalk is recommended for athletes who demand the best for their most difficult projects.


DURING: Chunky Chalk

When? Use chunky chalk after applying a base layer of liquid chalk.

How does it work? Chunky chalk absorbs moisture & gives a "thick" / well-covered feeling.

Where? Great for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Slightly less dusty than smooth chalk. 

Who? Chunky Chalk is recommended for all climbers who need a little extra grip even after applying a base layer of liquid chalk.


DURING: Smooth Chalk

When? Use smooth chalk after applying a base layer of liquid chalk.

How does it work? Chunky chalk absorbs moisture & gives a "thin" feeling. It's our most performant chalk.

Where? Great for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Recommended when you need the absolute best friction.

Who? Smooth Chalk is recommended for all climbers who need the absolute best grip, best used after applying a base layer of liquid chalk.


AFTER: Repair Cream

When? Use immediately after climbing. Wash your hands after your session and apply a layer of repair cream.

How does it work? Repair Cream helps to restore a healthy level of moisture and helps your skin to recover faster. Well-moisturized skin is supple & strong.

How to apply? Apply generously like any other moisturising cream. Because it is non-greasy you can apply all day long without fear of greasing up your belongings.

What makes it different? Repair Cream helps thin & damaged skin recover faster because the formula was inspired by ingredients used to treat burn victims.


AFTER: Repair Balm

When? Best used overnight or late in the evening after your climbing session.

How to apply? Apply a generous amount all over your finger skin. Apply a base layer everywhere, even to the parts that are not damaged.

How to use with bigger cuts? Bigger cuts should be cleaned & disinfected first. After that, you can apply some repair balm to the cut and cover with some tape.

How does it work? Repair balm works its magic by creating an extra layer on top of your skin that helps with repair.