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Chalk Rebels for Gyms

KEEP YOUR GYM CLEAN. Do you have a chalk dust problem in your gym? Would you like to create a cleaner, healthier environment for your visitors, and save on daily cleaning costs? Encouraging your visitors to use chalk cream dramatically decreases the amount of chalk powder in the air, on the holds and on the floor. Our liquid chalk cream formula is specifically formulated for gyms: unlike other brands, we don't add rosin to make sure your holds don't get slick. 

KEEP YOUR GYM SAFE. The COVID-19 crisis is changing climbing habits. Yesterday some of your gym visitors were aware of the importance of washing hands after a bathroom visit to help keep your gym's holds germ-free. Today after the coronavirus experience, we expect most climbers will be more sensitive to gym hygiene. Chalk cream consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol and effectively acts as disinfectant. Clean hands mean clean holds.

FOSTER GOOD HABITS. Chalk over-use is not only a problem in gyms. In popular areas like Fontainebleau, chalk has effectively bleached the rock. Most rock climbers start in the gym today. Help preserve our outdoor climbing areas by fostering good habits from the very beginning in the gym. A little chalk is fine, but as far as we are concerned, chalk buckets are out: encourage the use of the chalk cream + a little bit of powder.

HELP YOUR CLIMBERS PERFORM. Chalk cream has long been used by professional climbers as a base layer in competitions. The characteristic white "chalk glove" is a sure-fire way to keep your hands completely sweat free and take a head-start on the competition. There is no reason why climbers at your gym can't switch to chalk cream for optimal performance.

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