Going "Local" in Fontainebleau

About 6 months ago, we sponsored the Sustainable Bouldering Festival in Milly-La-Foret. These events are always an occasion for us to celebrate the magic of climbing, learn, and help the community.

And learn we did! We’ve always known the region of the “Gatinais” to be famous for their local honey products, but thanks to some introductions by the Botanical Garden in Milly-La-Foret we learned that the region is now also stepping up its local production of lavender.

Guess what? Both beeswax & lavender are ingredients of our Repair Balm and so it’s a no-brainer to switch over to local suppliers from the Fontainebleau area for those ingredients.

As a company, we like to take small steps towards a more sustainable future. And switching to a small producer of lavender from the region climbers love so much is a perfect step to take.

It just makes so much sense: a local product, from a small supplier, from the region climbers love so much! So we’re happy to announce that from now on our Repair Balm will be made with lavender from Milly-La-Foret.

Next time you’re in Fontainebleau, visit the botanical garden at Milly-La-Foret! The “Conservatoire National des Plantes à Parfum, Médicinales, Aromatiques et Industrielles” is actually one of the most influential botanical research institutions in France and houses over 1200 different plant species.

This year a local collective of producers launched a consumer-facing brand called “Vallée des Sens”. You can find their skincare and essential oil products in local shops around Fontainebleau. Our lavender supplier is a participant in that collective.

We live in a global world but whenever we can, we like to source our ingredients locally. For CHALK REBELS, local means Europe. Today we produce our core products in Sweden, Belgium, and Spain.

Local is where your passion is. And for many climbers that is Font. So we’re happy to add France to our list of suppliers. Vive la France!

Picture by Natalie Pexels

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