For Pre-Sale Fans Only

How You Can Help Us Grow

If you made it to this page it means you're a true fan! Thanks for supporting us. You're awesome! We need all the help we can get to make the pre-sale of our seawater-based chalk a success.

You can help today, no matter how small your following! Even if you only tell 3 friends about us, it will make a difference! 


How To Share on WhatsApp

We noticed some of our fans are having real success with sharing their -50% link in WhatsApp groups for climbers they are part of. So:

  • Share us on WhatsApp with local climbing WhatsApp groups.
  • Or share your link with individual friends on WhatsApp.

How To Share on Instagram

  • OPEN INSTAGRAM on your phone.
  • CREATE A STORY about Chalk Rebels. Say something nice!
  • Use the LINK STICKER.
  • Copy/paste your -50% LINK.
  • Don't have your own -50% LINK yet? Send us a DM on IG.
  • Or use this:
  • Share the story with your friends.




  • November 4: Please share your link in WhatsApp groups for climbers you are part of
  • November 1: Please share an IG Story with the LINK sticker.
  • November 1: More -50% pre-sale links sent out.
  • October 30: First -50% pre-sale links sent out.