When? Use before climbing. Apply a base layer 15 minutes before your first serious climb.

How does it work? Crystal Chalk works as an anti-perspirant. It prevents sweat from forming.

How to apply? It’s best to apply a generous amount at the beginning of your session. Think of it like “washing” your hands.

Should I re-apply? Yes! You can apply smaller amounts inbetween climbs during your session. Most people find they need to apply 3-5 times in a session.

Can I mix it with regular chalk? Yes. Crystal Chalk is safe to use in combination with regular powder chalk an other liquid chalks.

What makes it different? Unlike regular chalk which works by absorbing the already-formed sweat on your skin crystal chalk works by preventing you from sweating in the first place.

How NOT to use it? Don't treat Crystal Chalk like regular liquid chalk. It is an anti-perspirant meant to be used before your first climb. It takes a wile for the anti-sweat function to kick in, so make sure you apply it early in your session!