Chalk Rebels samples ready to send

In 2020 we sent out free samples to climbers & retailers. We no longer send out free samples of all of our products in 2021 because we focus on testing a new formula of our liquid chalk. We consider all our other products to be "done" now.

  • NEW in 2021: MYSTERY CHALK : a new formulation that is 2x as absorbent and made in a more environmentally friendly way.
  • Our traditional white "liquid" Chalk Cream is meant to be used as an alternative to chalk powder.
  • Our new crystal-clear transparent Crystal Chalk which dries out the hands just like regular chalk, and is meant for performance and training use.
  • Our moisturizing Repair Cream which is meant to be used in-between climbing sessions to keep your finger skin supple and strong.
  • Our beeswax-based Repair Balm to be used after climbing sessions for overnight repair of the skin.

For each product we plant one tree. In 2020 we planted 400 trees for the samples we sent out. You can register your tree and check the tree certificates at The last batch of free samples we sent out in 2020 was our Repair Balm in production-ready packaging.

(Update, July 2021) : We have a limited amount of samples of our new "MYSTERY CHALK" available.

Interested in getting samples? Get in touch!