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Our mission is to reduce the use of chalk powder in the climbing community. Chalk dust in climbing gyms is unhealthy and can reduce athletic performance. Outdoor chalk use is turning our once beautiful natural rock into an ugly bleached mess. Chalk over-use causes dry skin prone to cracking. Time to start using less chalk!

CHALK REBELS offers chalk powder alternatives to use while climbing (chalk cream & crystal chalk). These significantly reduce the amount of chalk powder you need to perform at your best. Less chalk powder means less dust and a healthier gym environment.

We also have a line of skincare products that helps your skin recover from the damage chalk does to your skin. We offer a beeswax-based balm that is great for overnight repair of dry and damaged skin. And we have a non-greasy moisturizing Repair Cream that will help you keep your skin strong and supple.

All of our products are formulated by climbers for climbers and are produced in modern cosmetic production facilities in Western Europe according to the strictest EU regulations for skincare products. All of our products have been dermatologically tested and great attention is paid to only use safe cosmetics-grade ingredients.

We produce in CO2-neutral facilities and we continuously improve our products to be better for the environment. We are member of 1% for the Planet and we plant one tree for each product sold. We encourage all climbers to use less chalk and to plant some trees!

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