T-Shirts Available

We recently made our very first t-shirts in limited edition for friends and fans. The theme of the shirt is “Keep Climbing Magic” and the following is printed on the inside to inspire you to keep the next generation in mind:

Buy Less. Play More.
Choose Flow Over Send.

Think Before You Travel.
Travel Green If You Do.

Respect Nature. Be Few. Be quiet.
Stay on Paths. Leave No Trace.

Build No Fires. Pack Out Your Trash.
Use Less Chalk. Brush Your Holds.

We chose to feature iconic boulders for this limited edition and for the first one we chose “The Elephant” in Fontainebleau. It’s a deliberate choice: climbing is no longer allowed on “The Elephant” because of erosion / stability problems caused by too much traffic. Let's try to avoid that from happening again in the future.

So let's be gentle on nature when we're out climbing: let's keep climbing magic so future generations can continue to enjoy these wonderful playgrounds.

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