Team Member: Emilia

I started climbing in 2019, I was casually looking for something to keep me busy and fit and I ended up attending this beginners’ climbing course outdoor.
I was immediately fascinated by this sport, actually by how hard it is, and I decided I was going to do it more seriously.

I never stopped since that day and the lessons I was taught are so many that I sincerely think climbing has changed my life and also my personality.

One of the things that I love the most about this sport is the traveling, you get to see so many stunning places, crags like Ceuse, that make you realize how small (and weak) you are. Places like Siurana, that look like they came out from Avatar.
I feel like the best thing that we can do as climbers is to try to preserve those places and the nature surrounding them. To do so, it’s important to keep an eye on many aspects of our everyday life.

Working for CHALK REBELS makes me happy because I know I’m not only promoting a brand that simply makes a very good chalk, but I’m working for a brand that does it in the most sustainable way possible and that can really make the difference.

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