3450 Trees Planted

Since the very beginning of CHALK REBELS, we have planted trees to offset the inevitable damage a fast-growing company does to the environment. Our partners of choice have been1% for the Planet and One Tree Planted.

We think it’s important to make sure that the next generations can continue to experience the magic of being in these incredible outdoor playgrounds. This means that as a fast-growing company we try to limit the damage we do to the environment in 3 major ways:

  1. Limit. We limit the damage we do by making smart choices in the production process. Some examples include: producing locally in Europe, choosing seawater-based chalk, investing in extra porous and absorbent chalk (Upsalite®).
  2.  Educate. We try to educate climbers about sustainable ways of enjoying our sport. We typically do this by sponsoring local events like the “Sustainable Bouldering Festival” and “Women’s Bouldering Festival”. 
  3. Offset. We learned that it’s nearly impossible to be as sustainable as we’d like to be. (e.g., We can’t avoid all use of plastic in our production process). That’s where the tree planting comes in.
Our philosophy for offsets is very simple: “If we can’t avoid damaging the environment, then let’s allocate a chunk of our revenue to help undo the damage. And let’s make it a significant one.”

That’s why even before we had products to ship, we started this tree planting habit. We plant at a scale that is sustainable for the company’s growth stage but still overshoots the requirements set out by 1% for the Planet.

We just finished planting our trees for 2022 and commit to the following tree planting policy for 2023: We will plant one tree for every product sold through our website at chalkrebels.com. All tree planting is certified by One Tree Planted and all the certificates are available at chalkrebels.com/environment.

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