Blended Seawater-Based Chalk


CHALK REBELS' chalk has always been slightly different from the competition. Most chalk companies source their chalk from large open-pit mines, while we extract our chalk from seawater.

What does this mean exactly? We tap into the desalination process and partner with the salt production and desalination sector. We take their waste product, brine, and extract minerals including MgCO3 to produce our chalk.

This results in a cleaner, food-grade chalk as our foundation. It's so pure you can eat it, akin to a common food supplement. We purchase this clean seawater-based chalk in large quantities to produce our climber chalk.

Raw magnesium carbonate appears in different forms and gradations. The best way to explain this to climbers is by categorizing it into three types, which roughly correspond to its texture:

  1. Chunky: These are the large chunks. It’s distinct from blocks of chalk which are compressed. Climbers prefer it for the satisfying sensation of crumbling the chalk. It’s suitable for sport climbing as it remains in the bag and is quicker to apply.

  2. Regular: This is the typical chalk consistency. It's powdery but not extremely fine or dusty. It's the most prevalent type of chalk and offers an ideal balance between texture and performance. Over time, small chunks might form.

  3. Fine: This is the highest-performing variety. It can be very dusty and has a consistency similar to flour. Although it can be messier, it's slightly easier to wipe off climbing holds. If performance is your top priority, this is your go-to chalk. However, it takes a bit longer to apply, making it more suitable for bouldering.

For our liquid chalk products, we tend to stick to a single grade of chalk, but it’s not the same for our two types of chalk: our Magic Chalk is made with a slightly finer chalk grade than our Chalk Cream. And of course we also add Upsalite® to our Magic Chalk. This explains the difference in feeling and performance between Chalk Cream and Magic Chalk.

For our chalk powder products, we do something similar: we take these three grades of chalk and create our unique blend. Our bags of Chunky and Smooth Chalk are combinations of these three types of raw seawater-based chalk. Additionally, for the Smooth Chalk, we incorporate a hint of Upsalite® to enhance its performance.

And it doesn’t need to stop there: many of our ambassadors and athletes prefer to make their own mix of Smooth and Chunky Chalk. The way chalk feels is a really personal choice, so it makes sense to make your own blend if it helps you feel more confident for the send.

In summary, at CHALK REBELS, we produce BLENDED seawater-based chalk.

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