Chalk Cream Ingredients

Chalk Rebels chalk cream aluminium sample tubes

Our first experiments with Chalk Cream were all about texture: how can we remedy some of the shortcomings of traditional liquid chalk by getting the viscosity "just right".

Liquid chalk in its simplest form consists of just three ingredients: alcohol, magnesium carbonate, and water. The exact mixture defines how thick the end product is, how quickly it dries on your hands, and how much chalk stays on your hands.

We have more or less defined our formula in terms of viscosity: a little thicker than usual for easy application and to work better with the type of packaging we want to use.

The advantages of our current formula are the following:

  • A lot less messy to apply: no more liquid goop squirting out of the tube.
  • Easier to do small top-ups on e.g., just your fingertips.
  • Less waste: you can squeeze out all of the chalk with this type of packaging.

We're moving on to the next phase of trying to address further problems we see in competing brands of liquid chalk and we have good candidates for additives to fix those problems :

  • Excessive use of chalk damages your skin. Lots of climbers have excessively dry skin. We have identified a couple of ingredients to nourish your skin.
  • Magnesium carbonate only works short-term. After a couple of minutes the drying effect is gone. We have found some ingredients that tend to make the effect last longer.
  • Magnesium carbonate does not stop you from sweating. There are ingredients we can add to stop sweat production. 

If you're participating in our sample testing program, you can expect samples of our chalk to appear at your doorstep soon! Help us define the exact mix of ingredients to add.

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