CHALK REBELS Liquid Chalk With Upsalite®

After a couple of months of work AND a much-needed upgrade to seawater-based-chalk, we're finally ready to present our full product line-up.

Soon we'll be introducing a new line of high-performance chalk which contains Upsalite®: a new form of magnesium carbonate which absorbs moisture up to 10x.

We're super excited about the collaboration with Disruptive Materials AB, the company behind this magic new material. It really is magic & we have the data to prove it.

We like to dig deep into the science of chalk over here at CHALK REBELS and in our last round of research a couple things became increasingly clear:

  • In terms op purity nothing beats brine-based sources of magnesium carbonate.
  • In terms of performance Upsalite® is way ahead of any other kind of chalk.

These facts drove our decision to switch all of our chalk products to seawater-based chalk and to introduce a new high-performance liquid chalk on top of our existing Chalk Cream. Our liquid chalk product line-up become as follows:

  • Chalk Cream: a creamy seawater-based liquid chalk. Great for indoor climbing & beginners.
  • Liquid chalk with Upsalite®: a high-performance chalk with 2X absorption. Great for outdoor projects!

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