First Samples Sent Out

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Today we’re sending out first samples of a product that helps reduce sweating. It is a clear and odourless gel that you apply to your hands before climbing. 

We’ve been hard at work with our suppliers to define the exact formula of our liquid chalk. Most brands use imported products, but we aim to manufacture in Europe according to strict EU cosmetics standards.

This self-imposed burden turned out to be a blessing in disguise: chasing higher manufacturing standards forced us to rethink how liquid chalk is made.

Together with our manufacturing partners, we looked at three safe candidates to stop the sweat, before applying traditional or liquid chalk: 

  • Silica: It’s like magnesium carbonate on steroids. Silica is a common industrial drying agent that is safe when bound in a gel. This is the first sample we are sending out today.
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate: This ingredient works by blocking the sweat glands. This is the next level up in the anti-sweat game. We’re still working on an Aluminum-based formula, samples coming soon.
  • Methenamine: Also referred to as skin doping for climbers, this is the active ingredient in Anti-Hydral and Rhino Skin. We are not going to use methenamine in our anti-sweat products because it is really easy to apply it in the wrong ways and destroy your skin.

As for the liquid chalk, we have decided to focus on a traditional formula that is fast-drying, applies more like a cream than a liquid, is a mild disinfectant, and has a small number of nutrients to help the skin regenerate faster after climbing.

Based on feedback from climbing gyms, we are also fine-tuning the formula to exclude resins because some gyms fear the sticky residue tends to clog up the holds, increasing wear, and making it harder to clean the holds.

We’re still very much experimenting with the exact formula: we’re on to our fifth lab-grade sample batch. The best sample so far dries fast, feels good, and has a neutral smell. But the performance is still not where we want it to be, so you will have to be a little more patient. Samples coming soon!

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