New Product: Skincare Kit

We’re launching a new product today: a full skincare kit for climbers. Everything to maintain strong and supple skin now comes in a small bag for you to carry to the gym or crag.

The kit contains our 2 main skincare products and all the accessories you need:

* Repair Balm: A beeswax-based balm to help your skin recover overnights after a tough bouldering session.
* Repair Cream: A non-greasy moisturising cream for everyday use in-between climbing sessions.
* Climbing Brush: Because we all need to brush our holds more. Keeping your holds clean and using less chalk helps to prevent dried out and cracked skin.
* Finger Tape: A roll of athletic tape to cover up little cuts and support your fingers. Comes in a handy carrying tin to keep it clean.
* Finger File Sanding down your fingertips helps build stronger skin and removes small edges that can cause flappers and tears.
* Nail Clipper: To help trim off chunks of skin and maintain smooth fingernails.
* Massage Ring: Rolling these rings across your fingers helps with blood flow and recovery after a hard session of climbing. It also just feels great!

The kit is available online today and most of the accessories are also available as individual purchases.

The kit is the last product we expect to be launching for a while. It took about one year of lots of research and trials to bring these products to market. We’re pretty proud of our current line-up but of course we will continue improving our products over time.

The products for sale are only half of the story though. Over the last year we built up a ridiculous amount of knowledge about skincare for climbers. We have enough material to write a book. More about that soon!

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