New: Vegan Repair Balm

We're thrilled to announce our latest product: The Vegan Repair Balm. For those who have been long-time fans of CHALK REBELS, you're well aware that our classic beeswax-based balm has been a staple for many.

While we've been consistently refining our formula — like when we incorporated locally-sourced lavender from Fontainebleau last year — achieving a genuinely vegan product remained a challenge.

The issue? Beeswax. Effective as it is, it's not vegan. That's why we're so excited to share that after considerable trial and error, we've discovered an exceptional all-natural alternative to beeswax.

Envision the familiar soothing and repairing effects post-climbing, but now without the beeswax. We've made this possible by using a natural, plant-based wax. After numerous tests, we're confident we've maintained the original balm's consistency and reparative power.

Due to the inclusion of these unique ingredients, the new formulation does come at a marginally higher price than our regular balm. However, we believe it's a small price to pay for both peace of mind and unparalleled skin repair.

Based on feedback, we're upsizing our tins to 25g for both the Vegan and regular beeswax balms. This offers more balm with less packaging waste.

While the Vegan Repair Balm is currently exclusive to the Women's Bouldering Festival, more details on availability and pricing will be out soon. Stay tuned!

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