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Plant Your Tree

This year we have planted 400 trees in total to cover the product samples we have been sending out. The effort is part of our pledge to plant one tree for every product sold.

We are setting up a tree registry and soon you will be able to register and virtually plant your tree online. Each product we sell comes with a unique tree code which you can use to plant your tree online at chalkrebels.com/trees. Each virtual tree is a unique procedurally generated representation of the real tree we have planted in your name. The trees will look a little like the one at the top of this page.

If you have used one of our product samples, we encourage you to head over and register your tree. You'll receive a unique tree code which can be traced back to the tree planting certificates provided by One Tree Planted.

(Update July 2021): We plan to revive this tree planting experience after putting it on hold for a couple of months due to the COVID lockdowns. Sales are picking up now that gyms have re-opened this. So it now starts to make sense to launch this for real. Stay tuned!

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