Product Line Update

The theme since summer has been product innovation at CHALK REBELS. In a way that is thanks to COVID. Let's just say it is extremely tough to be a supplier to gyms when the gyms themselves are going out of business due to COVID lockdowns. Because of this, we essentially shut down our sales efforts until after summer and focussed on another round of product innovation.

In summer, we started to talk to Disruptive Technologies, worldwide the only provider of a new magic material called Upsalite®. It is like chalk on steroids: it's a form of magnesium carbonate that absorbs 10X more than regular chalk. And since we're always trying to make our chalk products more performant, it's a natural match. We can now say with confidence that we have access to the most performant source of chalk in the world.

While we were working on the Upsalite-based chalk, we stumbled onto another potential win: seawater-base chalk. When you do the research you quickly learn that in terms of purity, all chalk is pretty much the same. With the exception of magnesium carbonate synthesised from seawater. That source of chalk is demonstrably cleaner. And because we already make all of our liquid chalk in GMP-certified facilities, switching to seawater-based chalk was a no-brainer.

We sent out lots of samples for testing of our Upsalite-based chalk, our regular Chalk Cream, and our transparent Crystal Chalk. That last one received pretty polarising feedback: climbers either loved it or hated it. Turns out that a small change in how you use it can turn you from a lover to a hater. USE IT 15 MINUTES BEFORE CLIMBING. We totally fumbled the product description on Crystal Chalk when we first launched it. It is not a chalk replacement but an anti-perspirant that will prevent you from sweating. It works more long-term than chalk (think hours not minutes) and is completely transparent.

Coupled with our chalk-based products and our skincare we now have a product line-up for the full climbing cycle:

Before Your Climbing Session

Apply Crystal Chalk as soon as you arrive at the gym or crag, before you start to warm up. This will reduce the amount of sweat you produce during your session. Re-apply during rest moments as needed. The product can safely be used together with regular powder chalk or liquid chalk.

During Your Climbing Session

Use a liquid chalk as a base layer during your climbing session. For beginning climbers and indoor sessions, we recommend Chalk Cream: it's easy to apply, feels great on your skin and is the closest to using regular chalk powder.

For those who want the best possible performance we recommend our Upsalite-based chalk. With 2X absorption you can send with confidence, knowing that have the best possible chalk keeping your fingers dry.

After Your Climbing Session

After your session, you will want to wash your hands and re-hydrate that dried out skin. Our Repair Cream is inspired by treatment for burns: it rehydrates and repairs thin skin exceptionally quickly. We made it non-greasy so you can use it immediately after climbing and go on with your daily life without greasing up your belongings.

And for the toughest climbing days we have our Repair Balm. This beeswax-based balm is best applied in the evening or overnight. It helps to repair skin overnight by acting as an occlusive: the grease helps to keep the moisture inside your skin. It helps your body repair your skin from the inside out.

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