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When we launched CHALK REBELS, we originally planned to only do liquid chalk. But then COVID happened. Turns out that selling products in climbing gyms when the gyms are forced to close and struggling to survive is pretty hard. So we doubled down on product development and created a line of skincare products for climbers: Repair Cream and Repair Balm.

Our line of skincare products kind of happened by accident. And now we have sold out the last batch of Repair Cream. Time to stock up, right? Or maybe not?

While we’re very happy with the product we created, we’re not entirely satisfied with the packaging. We’d love to put this product in more environmentally-friendly packaging. Because unlike the chalk-based products, it’s actually technically possible to avoid plastics for the skincare products. And we’d love to do that.

But we can’t do that now. Not yet. We started to work on a new grip product that is eating up all of our time. We need to focus. So we’re not going to stock up on Repair Cream for now and will do a relaunch of the product in 2024. With proper packaging re-design, more local ingredients and a more eco-friendly approach.

Our Repair Balm stays in stock as usual and we’re even making a small but significant change in ingredient choice: we’re going to start sourcing one ingredient locally from the Fontainebleau area. Can you guess what that is going to be? Stay tuned!

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