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Sustainable Bouldering Festival

Spring is coming! While the cool cold sending temps may be gone soon, it's always good to find an excuse to go to Fontainebleau.

And we found you a good one: from May 6th to May 8th there will the very first "Festival of Sustainable Bouldering" will be held in Milly-La-Foret.

An opportunity to celebrate climb, learn, and help. The theme will be sustainable bouldering and there will be workshops, competitions, a photo and video contest and of course lots and lots of climbing!

We decided to help out a bit by sponsoring and we will ourselves be there, doing a small science-backed workshop on chalk "use & abuse".

This event is right up our alley because we believe that while it is cool that lots of new climbers are joining the sport, our impact on the environment starts to be undeniable.

And the festival will be a good opportunity to learn about good gestures that will help our great-grandchildren enjoy the forest. Things like not climbing when it's wet, understanding and preventing erosion, not disturbing wildlife.

See you there!

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