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Epic Bouldering in Joe's Valley (Utah)

We're always looking for high-quality climbing photography for use in print and in social media. We typically feature the following subjects:

  • Climbing¬†and bouldering¬†action¬†pictures.
  • Pictures showcasing the natural beauty of climbing areas.
  • Climbing lifestyle pictures.
  • Pictures from our fans.

We're also looking for a couple of specialty subjects:

  • Close-ups of beautiful rock texture.
  • Pictures showcasing the damage of chalk over-use.
  • Close-ups of hands.

Finally, it is important that any pictures you submit follow these three simple rules:

  • The climber in the picture is not over-chalking.
  • The route in the picture is not over-chalked unless it is to show the damage of chalk over-use to the rock.¬†
  • No chalk buckets in bouldering pictures.

If you have interesting material you would like to license to us, drop us a mail below. To have an idea of the material we liked in the past have a look at our Instagram.

Interested? Get in touch!

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