Ambassador Tips

Below is some inspiration for things you can do to help CHALK REBELS grow.
The mission of Chalk Rebels is twofold:
  1. Create the best possible grip products for climbers. LESS CHALK, MORE GRIP!
  2. Preserve the climbing environment by educating around environmental issues. KEEP CLIMBING MAGIC.
You can help us to achieve this mission by promoting the brand & educating about the issues. This email will give you some inspiration for things you can do to help!
The TLDR; is this:
  • Use Our Products. We love product shots on social media.
  • Be Authentic. Be you. Share your climbing highs & lows.
  • LESS CHALK, MORE GRIP. Spread the tagline.
  • Educate. Help keep climbing magic. Educate other climbers.
And here’s the long version with a little more inspiration:
Use Our Products. The single best way to help us is to USE Chalk Rebels products, share them with your friends & SHOW you use our products. Let the products speak for themselves!
Share Product Images. We love seeing our products in action, so next time you’re climbing, shoot some images or videos. Mention us on social media & we’ll repost. Simple. We love to see how you use our products!
Be Authentic. Be YOU. We don't do sponsored posts on social media, or coupon codes, or affiliate links. Incentivized posts tend to turn cringe. So we don't do that. Be yourself.
Spread Our Tagline: "LESS CHALK, MORE GRIP!" ... we make the highest performing chalk so you will need to use less of it. We advocate moderating your chalk use and brushing your holds. Help us spread the world!
Seawater-Based Chalk. All of our chalk products are made with seawater-based chalk. Traditionally chalk is mined in a polluting process. We use clean chalk synthesized from seawater. Better for the environment. Better for your hands.
Upsalite. Our Magic Chalk (purple tube) contains Upsalite, a patented modified form of magnesium carbonate with 10X the performance of regular chalk. Magic Chalk is the best performing liquid chalk on the market.
Say no to Rosin. Our chalk products do not contain rosin (pof). Rosin can permanently damage holds both indoors & outdoors. If you are a route setter or know gym owners, talk to them about this. 
The Environment. We plant a tree for every product we sell and are a member of 1% For The Planet. Our products are not the cheapest but a significant part of our revenue goes straight back to protecting our planet.
Help Us Keep Climbing Magic. A lot of new climbers are entering the sport. If we want to keep this sport magic for generations to come we need to treat our climbing playgrounds with respect. Do your part. Educate the people around you.
Wear Your T-Shirt. We love pictures & videos of climbers wearing our t-shirts. These are limited edition. We’ll do a different boulder for each production run.
@mention us. Mention us on social media & we’ll repost. Don’t try to hide  the @mentions. Be proud of being an ambassador of Chalk Rebels. Put us in your social media bios.

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