10% for the Planet

Last week we had massive floodings here in Belgium and this week it seems to be China's turn. Today is actually a day of national mourning to remember the disaster that struck our country last week.

Extreme weather is starting to become an everyday occurrence and it can be tracked back to our own doing. Global warming is no longer a thing for future generations to worry about. We're seeing the effects today.

And the source of all this misery is over-consumption and a way of life that is no longer sustainable. We know we're part of the cause of all this trouble. Both as humans and as a company. That's why we try to go beyond paying attention to the environmental impact of our production process.

As part of our 1% for the Planet commitment, we plant one tree for every product sold. In reality that's closer to 10% of revenue than 1% and we feel good about that. Let's do the math:

Planting a tree costs approximately 1 USD. Our products retail from EUR 9 to EUR 15. In terms of sales volume we retail far more products at the lower price points, which means that our commitment averages out at about 10% of revenue.

Many brand start to offer a "One Tree Planted per Product Sold" deal but typically this is on products that are 10x more expensive than ours. We're proud to be able to offer such as generous deal for our planet and thank all of our customers for supporting us.

We need to do far more than just planting trees to mitigate the effects of carbon dioxide emissions. We need to work with governments and industry to make protecting the environment a standard cost of doing business. We will probably need to look into carbon capture technology and maybe even geo-engineering to mitigate the worst effects. But planting trees and accepting that environmental protection efforts will eat into your margins as a company is a good start.

10% for the Planet sound like a more realistic commitment to mitigate the damage we are doing.

Photo by George Desipris

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