2024 Product Discounts

We’re refreshing our product line and have some fantastic discounts in early 2024.

Chunky Chalk is Back!

Our popular Chunky Chalk is back in stock! Due to overwhelming demand, our new production will focus on the 200g bag size. We’re dropping the 100g size from our line-up. And we’re offering a great deal on our old 100g stock.

You can now grab a 100g bag for just 8 EUR instead of the regular 11 EUR. And if you're looking to stock up, take advantage of our volume discounts, which can bring the price down to 6 EUR.

  • Chunky Chalk (100g): 6 EUR instead of 11 EUR 

Skincare Line Changes in 2024

In 2024, we're making some exciting changes to our skincare product line. To make way for these innovations, we're offering huge discounts on our existing skincare products. Whether you're a fan of Crystal Chalk, Repair Cream or our CHALK REBELS Kit, now is the perfect time to stock up. Don't miss out on these incredible deals while they last!

  • Crystal Chalk: 7 EUR instead of 12 EUR
  • Repair Cream: 7 EUR instead of 12 EUR
  • CHALK REBELS Kit: 23 EUR instead of 36 EUR

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