2024 Product Line Update

2024 is shaping up to be a thrilling year for us. We’ve been hard at work producing chalk in January and we’re excited to share some changes to our product line.

Chunky Chalk: Back in Stock
We launched our Chunky Chalk in 2023 and it sold out in no time, so we upped production in January and we're pleased to announce that it's back in stock! We’re switching away from the 100g packages because you clearly asked us to make 200g. Message understood! Special promos on the last 100g packs while they last!

Chalk Balls: Coming Soon
There was quite a bit of demand for chalk balls from gyms, so we’re putting these on offer, but with a twist. Ours are refillable, come with some extra chalk powder and a handy refilling tool. Keep an eye out for them. Probably launching in February.

Rebranding Promos
We’re going to re-brand our Crystal Chalk, Repair Cream, and Skincare Kit in 2024. This means that we’re selling out our current stock and offer special promos. These products will return later in 2024 with fresh, new packaging, but for now, seize this opportunity to secure your supply.

Hybrid Chalk
2023 was very much a year for experimenting with our new line of chalk powder. We made two very different blends: Chunky & Smooth, In 2024, we’re going to bring a third kind of chalk, a bit of a hybrid in between Chunky and Smooth, a custom blend of chalk which will only be available through select gyms and retail partners. This new blend of chalk will also help us reduce packaging waste, so stay tuned for more details!

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