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Ambassador Spotlight: Philipp Hrozek

We're thrilled to spotlight Philipp Hrozek, a prominent figure in the paraclimbing community and one of our cherished ambassadors. Philipp, a World Cup Paraclimber and a member of the German paraclimbing team, has a commendable track record, including securing the gold medal at the World Cup in Villars 2023.

Beyond his competitive achievements, Philipp is also a dedicated father, enjoying the balance between parenthood and his climbing career. He resides in the Frankenjura, renowned for its exceptional limestone climbing routes, where he continues to push his limits and refine his skills.

Philipp's commitment to climbing, his rigorous training regimen, and his contributions to our community are genuinely inspiring. He exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and passion, motivating climbers of all abilities to pursue their climbing ambitions with dedication and vigor.

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