Chalk Rebels Kit

This fall we’re shuffling our product line-up a little bit. We received a lot of requests from gyms to add MAGIC CHALK to our skincare kit to make it appeal to more climbers.

While we’d love to do that, we think the cost would be prohibitive for lots of climbers, especially in these times of crisis. So we’re doing something else instead.

We’re going to take out the Repair Cream from the kit and add in MAGIC CHALK. This way, you get a kit with the basics you need to take care of your skin during & after climbing.

And we’re dropping the price from 45 EUR to 39 EUR. The full “CHALK REBELS KIT” now contains the following:

  • Magic Chalk
  • Repair Balm
  • Finger File
  • Brush
  • Tape
  • Finger Massage Ring
  • Nail Clipper
  • Skincare Bag

As you can see, it contains everything you need to take care of your skin during and in-between climbing sessions. And it comes in a handy bag to keep everything clean. As always, 1% of our revenue goes towards environmental causes and of course we’ll plant a tree when you buy this product.

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