Chalk Rebels On Tour

We're taking Chalk Rebels On Tour! Time to get your hands on some of the best chalk on this planet!

In Spring 2023 we will visit a bunch of gyms in Belgium & The Netherlands to give you the opportunity to test out our chalk powder with Upsalite®. Our product line is complete. Time to show it off!

First test session is at Klimzaal Blok on March 4th during the "Blok Open" climbing competition. Further dates to be announced. What can you expectations  a test session?

Free Skin Type Test & Consultation. Everyone has a unique skin type. We will help you discover your skin type & show you how to maximize grip & minimize waste.

Product Testing. An opportunity to test all of our products & discover which type of product works best for your skin & climbing style.

Product Sales. Once you have found the type of chalk you like, you will be able to buy it at unbeatable prices at these events. Support Chalk Rebels & your local gym by buying "On Tour"!

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