COVID & Deliveries

We’ve been out of stock since the beginning of this year on our regular Chalk Cream line and were expecting a new production batch to be delivered as early as February.

But this week, we received a production warning from our tube manufacturer that there will be no further deliveries until the middle of April due to COVID-related employee illnesses.

Looks like Omicron is really on a big rampage over here in Europe with delays all over the supply chain. In other words: we won’t be able to deliver our “regular” Chalk Cream in February as planned.

Our new Upsalite-based chalk, on the other hand, will be delivered earlier than planned. It’s on a truck from Sweden to Belgium as I write this.

We of course want to get our products in your hands as soon as possible. To do this we are taking the following steps:

  • Anyone who ordered our seawater-based “regular” chalk during the Indiegogo campaign will be eligible for a free upgrade to Upsalite-based chalk, which uses the same seawater-based production process. We will post details later this week.

  • We are accelerating the launch of our Upsalite-based chalk. Any existing gym or retail customer will be able to stock up on our Upsalite-based chalk as early as next week.

  • We are working on a change in packaging to take out the bottleneck that is causing the production delays to make sure we can produce faster in the future.
That’s it for the bad news. The good news is that our Upsalite-based chalk turned out A LOT better than we expected. We’ve been using it ourselves since November and one thing is sure: it lasts a lot longer than “regular” Chalk Cream. A single tube easily lasts 2 to 3 times longer than regular chalk.

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