Free Magic Chalk for Our Backers

When last year in November we launched our campaign to switch to seawater-based chalk, we didn’t expect COVID to tie up the supply chain all the way until February 2022.

But here we are, February 2022 and our regular seawater-based chalk is not ready. The good news is that we have a higher-grade formula in stock today: MAGIC CHALK.

And we’re offering a FREE UPGRADE TO MAGIC CHALK for anyone who ordered during the crowdfunding campaign.

So what’s the difference between the 2 formulas if they are both seawater-based? One word: Upsalite®. Our Magic Chalk contains Upsalite®, a modified form of magnesium carbonate invented in Sweden which doubles the absorption power.

To Summarise:

  • Chalk Cream: Seawater-based chalk. Regular absorption & performance. Retail Price: 12 EUR.
  • Magic Chalk: Seawater-based chalk with Upsalite®. Double Absorption. High Performance. Retail Price: 18 EUR
Here’s how to opt-in to trade your Chalk Cream order for Magic Chalk:
  • Contact us via DM on Instagram or via email at hello@chalkrebels.com.
  • Tell us your name, email & Indiegogo order number.
  • Tell us in one or two sentences what you think makes climbing feel like magic to you.
  • Optionally send us a picture we can use on Instagram.

We will start shipping in the first week of March to anyone who gets in touch with us. If you don't want to upgrade we will ship "regular" seawater-based chalk once that product comes in stock again.

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