Gym Starter Kit

Attention climbing gyms! Say goodbye to traditional chalk options and embrace CHALK REBELS' game-changing chalk that will revolutionize your climbing gym experience.

We've made it easier than ever to get started selling CHALK REBELS products at your gym:


  • We have gym starter kits as low as 250 EUR that contain everything you need to start selling both our chalk powder and liquid chalk: a kick-ass P.O.S. display and enough products to fill it.
  • No MOQs for restocking and fast shipping, which means no matter the size of your gym, you will never run out of product.
  • Easy online ordering and payment, plus helpful support to help you get started selling our products.

And our chalk products really stand out from the competition, giving your gym visitors the best and most eco-friendly way of chalking up.


  • All of our chalk is made with eco-friendly seawater-based chalk, prioritizing sustainability without compromising on performance.
  • None of our chalk contains harmful resins that can damage your holds, ensuring longevity for your climbing surfaces.
  • Our high-performance chalk contains Upsalite®, doubling its effectiveness and reducing the amount needed, resulting in less waste.
Join the CHALK REBELS revolution and elevate your climbing gym experience to new heights with our game-changing chalk. Say hello to eco-friendly, high-performance chalk that enhances your climbers' grip, protects your holds, and minimizes environmental impact.

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