Magic Chalk Powder With Upsalite®

No one cares more about friction than climbers. Good friction gives you the confidence to stick the move. To send the problem. To finish the rep.

Bad friction sucks. It feels like someone turned up gravity. It makes your moves awkward. It makes you doubt. Why am I doing this? Why am I here?

We can’t change gravity. But we can change friction. In fact, we already did. You see, we already produce liquid chalk. It’s good. But you deserve the best. So we made it even better.

We boosted the absorption to the max. We did this with a freaky new material called Upsalite®. When you look at it under a microscope it looks like a sponge. It sucks up moisture like nothing else.

It's so good we call it Magic Chalk. It's already available today in liquid form. And our climbers love it! It works great as a base layer!

But you kept asking us: “Why no powder with Upsalite®?”

So we’re doing it. We’re releasing two new kinds of chalk powder. Chunky & Smooth. Because how it feels matters. But always with Upsalite® for maximum friction. 

No matter if you like your chalk liquid, chunky or smooth. With Upsalite® you will have the confidence to send. Stay tuned for the product launch.

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