New Product: Skincare Kit

 We’re launching a new product today: a full skincare kit for climbers. Everything to maintain strong & supple skin now comes in a small bag for you to carry to the gym or crag.

The kit contains our 2 main skincare products & all the accessories you need:

* REPAIR BALM: A beeswax-based balm to help your skin recover overnights after a tough bouldering session.
* REPAIR CREAM: A non-greasy moisturising cream for everyday use in-between climbing sessions.
* CLIMBING BRUSH: Because we all need to brush our holds more. Keeping your holds clean & using less chalk helps to prevent dried out & cracked skin.
* FINGER TAPE: A roll of athletic tape to cover up little cuts and support your fingers. Comes in a handy carrying tin to keep it clean.
* FINGER FILE: Sanding down your fingertips helps build stronger skin & removes small edges that can cause flappers & tears.
* NAIL CLIPPER: To help trim off chunks of skin and maintain smooth fingernails.
* MASSAGE RING: Rolling these rings across your fingers helps with blood flow & recovery after a hard session of climbing. It also just feels great!

The kit is available online today & most of the accessories are also available as individual purchases.

The kit is the last product we expect to be launching for a while. It took about one year of lots of research and trials to bring these products to market. We’re pretty proud of our current line-up but of course we will continue improving our products over time.

The products for sale are only half of the story though. Over the last year we built up a ridiculous amount of knowledge about skincare for climbers. We have enough material to write a book. More about that soon!

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