Preparing Samples & Product Packaging

Chalk Rebels point of sale display case with samples

Now that product samples start to stream in, we've started to work on both our sample and final product packaging. We have tried to avoid using plastics whenever we can and opted for minimalist paper-based packaging. Each product has a QR code with more information about how to use it. One of the nice side-effects of talking to many labs and manufacturers is that this allowed us to discover additional products (acupressure rings) and ingredients (silica) to complement our product line.

For the first couple of batches, we have decided to throw in a free complimentary massage 'acupressure' ring. I don't really believe in the magical energy flow healing effects of these things, but I have used them in the past and they are great at increasing blood flow in your fingers and really give a great deep tissue massage to your poor fingers after a hard climbing session.

Turns out that our silica-based experiments were interesting, but not sufficiently strong to use as a stand-alone chalk replacement product. Our clear 'Crystal Chalk' works really well in a training environment though. I'm a big fan for home wall and hangboard use: zero chalk dust! Silica works great for me for indoor bouldering as well but performs pretty poorly outside for sport climbing. I still prefer traditional liquid chalk there.

A short update on the Chalk Cream formula: we've been testing our own formula extensively and for me (relatively dry skin), it is more than strong enough to last a single burn on sport climbs. People with more sweaty hands tend to want to chalk up with powder again after a couple of meters for competing products and a little over half way with our custom Chalk Cream formula.

Below are some more pictures from our packaging and sample experiments.



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