Preparing Samples & Product Packaging

Chalk Rebels point of sale display case with samples

Now that product samples start to stream in, we're started to work on both our sample & final product packaging. We have tried to avoid using plastics whenever we can and opted for minimalist paper-based packaging. Each product has a QR code with more information about how to use it. One of the nice side-effects of talking to many labs & manufacturers is that this allowed us to discover additional products (acupressure rings) & ingredients (silica) to complement our product line.

For the first couple of batches, we have decided to throw in a free complimentary massage 'acupressure' ring. I don't really believe in the magical energy flow healing effects of these things but I have used them in the past & they are great at increasing blood flow in your fingers and really give a great deep tissue massage to your poor fingers after a hard climbing session.

Turns out that our silica-based experiments were interesting, but not sufficiently strong to use as a stand-alone chalk replacement product. Our clear 'Crystal Chalk' works really well in a training environment though. I'm a big fan for home wall & hangboard use: zero chalk dust! Silica works great for me for indoor bouldering as well but performs pretty poorly outside for sport climbing. I still prefer traditional liquid chalk there.

A short update on the Chalk Cream formula: we've been testing our own formula extensively & for me (relatively dry skin), it is more than strong enough to last a single burn on sport climbs. People with more sweaty hands tend to want to chalk up with powder again after a couple of meters for competing products & a little over half way with our custom Chalk Cream formula.

Below are some more pictures from our packaging & sample experiments.



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