Product Spotlight: Crystal Chalk

This is a crystal clear alternative to white liquid chalk for training and bouldering. Climb stronger than ever with dry hands and a stronger grip. Unlike traditional white liquid chalk, this Crystal Chalk is colourless, leaves no dust and traces on the holds. Perfect to keep your home gym or hangboard clean!

The development of this product was almost an after-thought in our search for a better liquid chalk. But oh boy are we glad that we pursued this development path! The first prototypes were not very encouraging but we nailed it in mass production! The first production batch came out great and our climbers LOVE it!

Unlike traditional white chalk, the active ingredient is not magnesium carbonate but a specially formulated nano-silica aggregate. It has great drying power, leaves no trace on the rock and has been proven safe by pharmacists to help people suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Use as an alternative to traditional white liquid chalk. Apply 10 minutes before your workout then top-up in-between climbs as needed. Long-term drying effect: apply generously at the beginning of your session and then taper down use as you near the end of your session.

As always, we plant one tree for every skincare product sold and contribute 1% of our revenue to environmental causes through the 1%FTP program.

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