Product Spotlight: Skincare Kit

Our Skincare Kit contains everything you need to take good care of your skin. There are 2 types of skin repair products: Repair Cream & Repair Balm.

CHALK REBELS Repair Cream is a deep moisturiser for outdoor athletes who need to maintain healthy, strong, and supple skin for maximum performance rock climbing or in the mountains. Healthy finger skin starts with good moisturising habits in daily life, in between climbing sessions. 

CHALK REBELS Repair Balm is an all-natural beeswax-based balm with soothing properties that will help repair and strengthen dry and damaged skin. Applied directly after your climbing session or before going to bed it works miracles overnight to make your skin stronger for tomorrow's session.

We have complement the repair products with all the accessories you need for your session & put it all in a nice little bag.

* Climbing Brush
* Finger File
* Nail Clipper
* Finger Tape
* Massage Rings

When we developed this project, we took great care to get the bag size "just right". We wanted it to be smaller than an average chalk bag yet be big enough to hold all you need and have some extra space to allow you to customise it. For us, it has completely replaced the "chalk bag" in our kit: we just add a tube of Crystal Chalk and we're good to go for many many sessions.

As always, we plant one tree for every product sold and contribute 1% of our revenue to environmental causes through the 1%FTP program.

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