Second Samples Sent Out

Chalk Rebels Samples in cardboard boxWe've been working hard on our custom formula of liquid chalk. So far we have made three different versions and have just shipped the second version to our testers.

The formula we're sending out today is a transparent gel that dries out your hands just like chalk. The effect seems to be slightly longer-lasting than traditional magnesium carbonate.

I have been using our third formula "extra strong" at our home wall and for me, it can completely replace liquid chalk AND traditional powder magnesium carbonate.

Feedback on the first version was mostly "interesting, but can you make it stronger?" So we listened: version two was a bit stronger and for this version, we turned the dial all the way to twelve.

We also experimented with adding this new clear liquid chalk to traditional white liquid chalk. It's an interesting effect: the clear chalk dries out your hands more long-term for the whole climbing session and the white chalk works short-term. So far no shippable formula came out of our experiments with traditional liquid chalk. 

We will continue sending out samples of all kinds of products all summer long. 

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