Simple Skincare Routine for Climbers

At CHALK REBELS, we're all about providing top-quality chalk and innovative alternatives for climbers, in both powder and liquid forms. While we love our chalk, we're equally excited to announce the return of some essential skincare products that are now back in stock.

We believe in taking care of your skin as much as your grip. So, here's a simple skincare guide for climbers, and we're happy to highlight the products that can help you maintain strong and healthy climbing skin.

First, wash your hands after climbing! It's essential to get rid of the grime, dirt, and chalk from your skin to keep it healthy and strong, preventing dryness and brittleness. When washing your hands outdoors, opt for biodegradable natural soap. Spoiler Alert: We may or may not be working on a bio-degradable soap.

Second, if you have naturally dry skin, consider using a hydrating cream right after climbing. Any hydrating cream will do, but we offer one with two unique benefits: it dries quickly, so you can use it right after climbing without making your hands greasy, and it's designed to effectively promote skin regeneration. Check out our Repair Cream.

Third, try a wax-based repair balm before bedtime or after your climbing session. A good wax-based balm can accelerate your skin's repair process. It works by strengthening your body's natural rehydrating capacity. We offer two options: a traditional beeswax-based balm and a new vegan alternative made from plant-based ingredients. Repair Balm & Vegan Repair Balm.

Fourth, think about using an anti-perspirant to reduce your chalk usage. Anti-perspirants prevent sweat from forming on your skin, and it's best to apply them before your climbing session, around 20 minutes before your first climb. You can top up as needed during your session or use a bit of chalk as well. We offer Crystal Chalk, a transparent anti-perspirant formulated specifically for climbers. It leaves no residue on the rock and helps keep you dry from the start. Crystal Chalk

That's it! Taking care of your climber's hands can be as simple as this!

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