Skincare Kit for Climbers

Skin Care Kit For Climbers

We're going to add one more product to our line-up: a skincare kit bag for climbers. I used to have a BBZ' chalk bag which had a handy compartment at the bottom. Most people put stuff like their keys and wallet in there; I kept a hidden skincare first-aid kit in there. It contained a nail clipper, some disinfectant, some finger tape, and something to sand down my calluses. It was damn useful, but always over-stuffed and too small.

That's why we're launching a skincare kit for climbers. It will contain our beeswax-based Repair Balm, a nail clipper, a brush, a finger file, some finger tape, and a small skin care manual. Over the last year, we have learned so much about skin care for climbers that we could probably write a book about it. It's a truly fascinating topic.

We put in the orders for the bags and accessories with the manufacturers and will be able to start selling them in late January.

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