Sustainable Chalk at Vertical Pro

We've just returned from a great trip to the Vertical Pro tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This event, set against the stunning backdrop of a nearby lake, was a climber's paradise, and not just for its scenic beauty!

The sheer variety of climbing holds presented at the tradeshow was amazing. We’re more on the skincare and chalk side of the business, so that actually surprised us a bit … Soooooo many holds.

Amongst this array of climbing holds, what excited us most was seeing brands like Green Holds, who share our commitment to sustainability. Their approach to producing eco-friendly climbing holds resonates deeply with our mission at CHALK REBELS. It's heartening to see more companies embracing sustainable practices, recognizing the impact we have on our environment.

Our booth, highlighting our environmentally conscious seawater-based chalk, drew in a crowd passionate about both climbing and the planet. The interest from climbing gyms across Germany in carrying our products was truly inspiring. We’re looking forward to bringing our products to the German market.

It was good to connect with old friends like Butora, Atari, Plastic Fantastic and get to know new gyms and routesetters. We’re particularly interested in working with routesetters: they’re the core of modern indoor climbing.

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