The Magic of Climbing

You ask a kid “What is so magic about climbing?” Or skiing or surfing for that matter; and there’s a good chance they’ll say: “all of it”. There’s a lot of truth in a kid’s words. “All of it” captures it quite well.

“All of it”. It’s an answer that includes the lifestyle, the beauty of moving over rock, the terror & joy of the conquest. Like the kid I have liked “all of it” for 3 decades now. There’s more to climbing than just the moves. A good climbing session feels like you open up a crack in reality & get to take a glimpse at a deeper meaning. It feels like magic.

So we've started asking friends: “What makes climbing magic to you?” And I received some interesting answers already: “Being out in nature. Feeling one with the elements. Finally climbing a line that seemed impossible at first. That moment when everything feels just right."

So what makes climbing feel like magic to you? Tell us on Instagram. @chalk_rebels | #climbingmagic

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