Wholesale FAQ

Where can I download the Chalk Rebels Logo?

We have a media pack with the logos available here: https://chalkrebels.com/downloads

Do you have a list of products, descriptions and images?

Yes. You can download a product pack with the product descriptions, prices & product images here:


How can I order?

Use the Quick Order Form. You will see the wholesale price & recommended sale price. Just add what you need to your cart & check out.

Can I get better volume prices?

We don't offer volume discounts but better pricing is available for select customers. Two conditions to qualify: 1) Pre-pay online at order time. 2) Put in a significant marketing effort. Contact us for more info.

What about shipping outside the EU?

We can ship to Switzerland, the UK & Norway but it is absolutely crucial that we have your full company information, including an EORI number.

Where can I find the most recent price list?

Right here ... The price list contains some information about our P.O.S. displays & how we schedule product demos but otherwise it's the same as the info you find in the quick order form.

How many "Yellow" vs. "Purple" products should I carry?

Our "yellow" products (Chunky Chalk, Chalk Cream) are more budget-friendly & tend to sell more. We recommend retailers stock up roughly 2x of "Yellow" vs. "Purple".

What is a good first order?

We recommend gyms carry a full chalk product line-up. We find that having the full brand present, including the premium products, helps with sales of all products. A typical first order is 12x magic, 24x chalk cream, 4x smooth chalk, 8x chunky chalk. The P.O.S. display is included free in this first order.

How do I mount the P.O.S. Display?

We have made a demo video to show how the display is supposed to be mounted.

Can you do product demos at my gym?

Yes. The best way to convince your customers of the added value of Chalk Rebels products is to let them feel the difference. We're happy to come to your gym on a weekday (BE,NL,DE,IT). Get in touch!

Can you sponsor my event?

Yes! We're happy to offer discount coupons for competition or raffle winners and participants:

  • -25% on a minimum 25 EUR order for winners.
  • -20% on a minimum 25 EUR order for participants.

Besides that we can also send you products to hand out to winners, for this we need to know about the competition 2-3 weeks in advance and charge a one-time shipping fee of 25 EUR.

Do you offer white label products?

Yes. Whitelabel is possible for our chalk powder. You can customize the front of the bag with your logo. You can find more information on our price list.

Do you offer a zero-waste solution?

Yes. We offer a solution where you buy chalk powder in bulk and refill your customer's chalk bottles directly at the gym, eliminating packaging waste. Get in touch for more info.

What about shipping?

We charge a flat 25 EUR shipping fee for wholesale orders below 250 EUR, orders above 250 EUR get free shipping.

What are your payment conditions?

We ask all new customers to pre-pay before shipping. Payment can be done from the invoice online or by SEPA transfer. We accept all major payment methods online (credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc ...) Products ship as soon as we receive payment. After 5 orders we can discuss other payment options for orders over 500 EUR.

What is the best way to pay invoices?

We prefer pre-payment online. You can find the payment link on every invoice, on the email you receive for each order and when you login to your account at chalkrebels.com. Consistent pre-payment makes you eligible for surprise discounts, a.k.a. "good customer" discounts. We like to reward good customers!


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