The Story Behind the Picture: Gustavo

Epic Bouldering in Joe's Valley (Utah)

At CHALK REBELS, we love the climbing community and their lifestyle. Climbing is all about being present in the moment and that way of experiencing life is often not limited to the climber, but also to the observer. This is what photographer Gustavo told us about this particular moment of beauty in Joe's Valley:

Sometimes as photographers, we find ourselves in front of a scene that is magnificent. The landscape, light, action, and romance; all the ingredients are there for a once in a lifetime image. 

Being in front of so much potential can create a feeling of nervous excitement in which we might become so consumed on documenting the photograph that we forget the fact that our friend is down there giving it all to send a boulder problem. I have to celebrate this image because it was the first great photo I ever took in which I was at ease with my ability to take the photo while remaining conscious and observant of the beautiful moment that was unfolding in front of me and my camera.

It ended up being a once in a lifetime image. This was the last trip the three of us took together.

Photo: Gustavo Moser

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