Another 270 Trees Planted

It's that time of the month again: tree-planting time! We have built taking care of the environment right into our business model. The principle is super simple and transparent: one tree planted for every product sold.

We started sales with our first gym (Klimzaal Blok) & online partner (Stray Outdoor). We also made some online sales right on this website. No matter where the sale comes from, we guarantee one tree planted for every product sold.

 All tree planting is done in partnership with One Tree Planted & we upload the tree certificates to for full transparency.

Climbing has personally given us so much in life & a large part of the satisfaction we find in climbing is due to the beauty of the natural places we get to visit. The picture above was taken by me (Francis) about 2 decades ago in Fontainebleau. Let's make sure our children can enjoy nature's beauty many generations into the future!