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Why Chalk Rebels?

Chalk Rebels grew out of the frustration of seeing the damage done to our natural bouldering spots by chalk over-use. Using a little chalk never was a big deal but the bouldering boom of the last decade or so has turned what was once a bad habit into a real problem. Chalk belongs on your fingers, not the rock! And if you’re climbing indoors, no one likes to inhale clouds of chalk dust. The main culprit is chalk in powder form. Alternatives exist in the form of chalk balls & liquid chalk. Chalk Rebels was founded to encourage the use of these alternatives & help you kick the powder chalk habit!

What makes Chalk Rebels different?
Chalk Rebels is a company with a mission. We believe in creating the best products to help reduce chalk use in the climbing community. Unlike other chalk companies, we don’t offer bogus claims about our chalk. The truth is that it’s all just magnesium carbonate (MgCo3) & the only differentiator is purity. We source our chalk as pure as we can get it because pure chalk means less chalk use. Our chalk cream products are manufactured from food-grade ingredients in production facilities meeting the strictest EU standards to guarantee safety and maximum efficacy. When you buy a Chalk Rebels product, you know part of every sale goes towards saving our planet & can rest assured that sustainability has been taken into account in every step of our production process.

Do you offer volume discounts for retailers?
Yes, we do. We have boxes of 50, 100 & 200 product units available for purchase through the B2B section in the online store. Volume discounts are automatically applied during the checkout process to partners who apply. Get in touch with us to get access to volume discounts.

How is your packaging eco-friendly?
We avoid using plastics. Our chalk balls are wrapped in 100% recycled paper. The paper, closing tape, and water-based ink are 100% recyclable. Our chalk cream is filled in aluminium tubes and packaged in cardboard boxes. We typically package larger orders in cardboard boxes for shipping. We aim to make all of our packaging recyclable.

How many chalk balls do I need?
When you use chalk balls, you only need to apply a fraction of the magnesium carbonate you would use when compared to chalk powder. A single chalk ball can easily last a month even for frequent climbers. We recommend a pack of three balls for your first order. We have volume boxes of 50 to 100 balls for our retail partners.

How much chalk cream do I need?
A single 75ml tube will last a dedicated climber who visits the gym 1-2x per week about one month. That is if you only use chalk cream. If you use chalk cream as a base layer & use chalk balls to top up a tube can last months. We have volume boxes of 50 to 100 tubes for our retail partners.

Do you have an influencer / athlete sponsorship program?
Yes, we do. Please reach out via email if you think you’ve got what it takes to be an influencer or athlete.

I'm a climbing photographer, will you buy my pictures?
We just might. We're always looking for exceptional pictures to help spread our message. Please reach out via email for more information. 

Isn’t all chalk the same?
Pretty much. Climbing chalk in its purest form is a pretty simple product. It’s just magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) & is dug up in just a handful of mines worldwide. Some manufacturers add drying agents & fillers but the truth is that high purity magnesium carbonate works best. We make sure to only use the purest MgCO3 in our balls & food-grade magnesium carbonate in our chalk cream.

Am I a bad person if I still use chalk powder?
Yes, you are! Just kidding. Maybe not. But yeah, kind of. It's like smoking. We won't judge you if you do but you know it's better for you to stop. That being said, people are different. Some have excessively sweaty skin & it's OK to topically apply a little powder chalk. Don't use chalk buckets though: those are evil!

Can I find Chalk Rebels products in a store?
Yes you can. Chalk Rebels products are available at select climbing stores & gyms, mostly in Western Europe.

Can I carry Chalk Rebels products in my store or gym?
Absolutely! We offer volume discounts right on this website. Get in touch with us for recommendations about the volumes that are appropriate for your gym & to have access to our B2B ordering system.

Can chalk help prevent injuries?
No. But taping your fingers or using a massage ring can.

My order didn’t arrive. What now?
Get in touch with us via email: info@chalkrebels.com

I have a question you didn’t answer.
Get in touch with us & we’ll take care of it! info@chalkrebels.com