Brush Your Holds - A Demo

Other brands have athletes. We have dirtbags who have committed to the the climbing lifestyle for life. Filip Notebaert moved from Belgium to Fontainebleau almost a decade ago and has steadily been building up an impressive portfolio of sends. He has about 1,400 boulders documented on his YouTube channel. Filip will help us distribute Chalk Rebels from Fontainebleau, France!

What we like about his videos is that they are pure and uncut. There’s no fancy lighting, not a whole lot of editing. They show more than just the perfect send. They show the whole project: the multiple attempts, the curses, the pain... And the brushing. We like the brushing. Boy, do we like the brushing!

There’s no denying that our sport is growing and that we are having a serious impact on the climbing environment. It’s more important than ever to brush your holds after the send!

MAGIC CHALK is the best performing liquid chalk on the market. It contains Upsalite®, the only porous chalk that delivers 2X absorption.

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