Chalk Cream Update

The response to our pre-sale of the seawater-based chalk has been amazing! We reached our goal in 24h, which means we will be able to ship the updated formula in the new packaging in February 2022.

We’re very happy the response has been so positive because it confirms that all of the effort we put into making the cleanest and best product possible is starting to pay off.

We’re always experimenting with ways to make our products better and the switch to seawater-based chalk was a bit of a no-brainer: totally feasible and at the same time a real improvement to our product.

It’s good to have small wins like this because not every experiment we do succeeds. Sometimes we go down a wrong path for a long time before backtracking. Thanks a lot to all of you who have supported us on our journey!

Image by Max Ravier

MAGIC CHALK is the best performing liquid chalk on the market. It contains Upsalite®, the only porous chalk that delivers 2X absorption.

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