First 100 Trees Planted

Row of trees ready for planting

After receiving our first samples earlier this week, we have decided to move on to the next phase: production of 100 sample tubes to hand out for free to climbers for testing. There's still a lot of fine-tuning needed to come to a perfect formula but we want to get our product in the hands of climbers as soon as possible. Nothing beats real-life testing to iron out the kinks! 

Our commitment to planting one tree for every product sold is real. That's why we decided to put our money where our mouth is and have pro-actively donated to One Tree Planted for our 100 test products, even though we won't be selling them. These 100 trees represent our first commitment to donate 1% of revenue to the planet. One Tree Planted is an accredited 1%FTP non-profit partner.

Photo: One Tree Planted

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