Product Spotlight: Mystery Chalk

 We can't say too much about our latest formulation of liquid chalk except that it will absolutely knock your socks off when you try it. It is liquid chalk, perfected. It scores great on all aspects we care about:

  • It dries way faster than normal liquid chalk.
  • It leaves almost no trace on the rocks.
  • It creates far less dust than other brands.
  • It lasts way longer than our current formula.
  • It is produced in a way that is better for the environment.

And finally, the performance is out-of-this-planet. And we have done the science to prove it!

We've started testing it in a couple of gyms and we're really really pleased with this one. Can't wait to bring it to market. Probably before the end of this year.

MAGIC CHALK is the best performing liquid chalk on the market. It contains Upsalite®, the only porous chalk that delivers 2X absorption.

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